In Newport News, Virginia alone Gabriel and Nicholas have seen the effects of generations of fatherless young men become accustomed to this new culture of glorifying violence, promiscuity, and drugs. At the age of 22, Gabriel has lost more than a handful of people close to him to gun violence. Sometimes he wonders if they would still be here if the person who pulled the trigger had the proper guidance from a father.

 This is the reason why we mentor young, fatherless men in our community. We are here to:






Our hope is that whatever situation a young man has been in, we will be able to provide him with wise counsel, introduce him to new environments, and most importantly to our Heavenly Father-- our Lord Jesus Christ. And through the power of Christ, all chains can break. Whether we have a father on this earth or not, we have a Father in Heaven who is waiting for us with his arms wide open. 

That is what Today Jesus Outreach strives to do-- we teach young men about the love of our Father in Heaven so that they may grow into purposeful men through Jesus Christ. We mentor them, introduce them to new things and provide any essential needs they may be lacking, all while teaching them the importance in spreading the love of Christ.