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Trading a Wild Life for Wildlife

In this program, we mentor fatherless young men from the Aqueduct Public Housing community in Newport News, VA. 

Our focus is to: 

  Build Relationships



WHY the Fatherless?

Being Fatherless can pertain to a person whose father is absent physically. It can also pertain to one who may be “present” but detached from a child emotionally.


Biblically speaking, a father is called to lead, protect, love, and teach their children right from wrong. Studies have shown that children who have healthy relationships with their fathers have less emotional and behavioral difficulties, perform better in school, and grow up to have healthy marriages. This in turn would create a positive trickling effect for the generations to come.

Unfortunately, the presence of a father, or what it means to be a positive male figure at all, is quickly diminishing in the world we live. In today's culture, money, violence, drugs, and promiscuity are used to define the authenticity of a man. The simple act of loving your neighbor as you love yourself has become a thing of the past. More and more young men are turning to the streets for “wisdom”. They are learning “to do life” the wrong way.

In Newport News, Virginia alone - we have seen generations of fatherless young men become accustomed to the new culture of glorifying violence.

At the age of 23, Gabriel has lost eight people close to him to gun violence. 


Sometimes we wonder if these young men would still be ALIVE if the person who pulled the trigger had the proper guidance, a father, a mentor.

Trading a Wild Life
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